This made it easier for us to orient them through the holes in our case to reach our desired spot. Just make sure you don’t over-tighten your zip ties as doing so could damage your cables.

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The result you’re looking for is a thin, even layer between the cooler and the CPU, not a big gloopy mess. It’s generally best practice to configure your cooling to provide positive air pressure—meaning, more fans pulling air into the case than fans exhausting from the case.

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There’s only one possible way to correctly orient the CPU, which makes it easy to install. Open your motherboard manual to the diagram page that shows a layout of the motherboard. If you ever get confused about what goes where, the labels on this page should help you sort it out. PC Gamer readers have also given us some great tips,which we’ve compiled here. Games that push the envelope of graphical fidelity look best on the PC, and it’s the first stop for independent developers making creative and surprising new games.

  • Such as bigger heatsinks or you may want to go all the way to water cooling for those extreme builds.
  • Now, you will require something to cool off the heat generated by your processor while doing all those computations.
  • So unless you have plenty of money to waste or want best experience with three monitor setup and stuff, there is no reason to go for high-end cards.
  • However, I’m not against them, it’s just if money is a constraint then no need to consider high-end cards.

This is an easily overlooked issue with a solution that’s just as easy. The only zip ties we used were for our CPU cooling system’s wires, which were thin and plentiful.

Step 7: Install Os In Your Just Built Gaming Pc

As such, we oriented the two fans on the radiator to be intake fans, then passed the fan cables and waterblock cables out one of the top routing locations to keep things clean. The CPU fits into the socket, and youdon’t need to press down to force it into place. To finish the installation, simply lower the socket covering and push the lever arm back into place. Look at the CPU and match the arrow on the bottom-left corner of the chip with the bottom corner of the socket. The pins face down, so the plain silver side should be facing up.

Nearly every new genre, like battle royale, got its start on the PC. This is our easy walkthrough to building a PC for the first time, with a video showing each step of the process. Make sure you’ve flipped your PSU’s switch into the ‘On’ position before powering on.

Liquid-based CPU cooling systems come with a radiator equipped with fans, which you’ll want to screw into your case. Of course, you’ll need to figure out where you want to install it. We recommend screwing it into your case’s top grill, as it’ll allow for more airflow, but some cases may not have a top grill, and you’ll need to install it on the back of the case. Once you figure out what position you’re going to go with, you’ll screw the radiator into the grill itself. The standoffs make it easy to place your motherboard into your case, but don’t start screwing it in straight away. There should be a space on the back of your case for your motherboard’s I/O ports to fit into.

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